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Taiwan Sansui Organic Tech. Co., Ltd.


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三水有機科技有限公司為台灣首家專業做天然純有機農業產品公司,研究天然植物並引進國外尖端生物科技技術來防治病虫害,發展無化學農藥 & 肥料、無毒、無致癌物、無抗生素、無環境污染,用於有機農業及人類環境之產品,還給台灣一個乾淨的土地.


Taiwan Sansui Organic Tech. Co., Ltd is the first company that specialized in making natural and organic agricultural products.  We study natural plants, and utilize the foreign top biotech to prevent from pest and disease, and to develope non-chemical, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-antibiotic and non-pollutant products in organic agriculture and human environment.  This creates a clean land in Taiwan.




Today, we work harder on developing organic food, derived from natural and organic agricultural products, preserving natural nutrition, purified & condensed.   People now can use and eat our products without worrying much, and can have a more healthy body and a better living environment.