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Novelty Toy-like Car Air Refresher- Kids love it. Adults love even more.

A great new idea in car air refresher. The TOP GUN Novelty Air Refresher clips on to your car's air vent louver for superior fragrance performance. Circulating fan distributes fragrance evenly in the car, eliminates odor and makes your car smell fresh.


1. Mount the vent clip into the underside of the unit 
   by pressing it into the square hole.  Unit may be 
   positioned vertically or horizontally depending on 
   how you position the vent clip.

2. Carefully open the fragrance packet and take out the 
   fragrance pad.

3. Place the fragrance pad into the cavity's slot in 
   the bottom.

4. Clip the fragrance unit onto the air vent louver 

5. Adjust the strength of the fragrance by controlling 
   the air flow in your car vent.

6. Once fragrance is depleted, refill cartridges are 

Ingredients: Perfume, surfactant

Lasting Period: 3-4 weeks