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Tran-Q Introduction


Tran-Q is a microbial product, especially designed and formulated for water quality control of aquaculture.  Most of the Tran-Q strains are screened and isolated from natural environment and some of them are from artificial mutation.  Each of them can exert into particular functions, such as organic matters decomposition, BOD reduction, nitrification, denitrification and antagonism.  The safety, stability, and efficacy of Tran-Q have been evaluated throughout a lot of laboratory tests and field trials.  It has been proved to be a product non-harmful to humans, fish, shrimps, animals and with multiple excellent functions for water quality control.  Tran-Q could decompose the organic wastes, reduce BOD, improve water quality and convert toxic substances such as NH3 and H2S into non-toxic substances, stabilize and maintain good water quality, offer a good ecological environment for fish and shrimp to grow fast and healthy, Most of Tran-Q strains can propagate and exert powerful functions under low temperature(even if 10) and high salt concentration (even if 7%), Tran-Q is suitable for application to sea water or fresh water aquacultivation in all seasons.  The total viable spores of Tran-Q is above 1.0 x CFU/g.



Particular Characteristics


Tran-Q is a microbial product.  It is a natural product and is different from chemical disinfectants.  It provides a natural way to maintain the cleanness of water through microbial and enzymic activities to treat organic substances.  Due to its low dosage requirement, excellent and consistent efficacy, non-chemicals and biological way, the ecosystem of aquacultivation pond can be kept in balance.  Long term application will not cause any adverse effects, but will make it possible to have a long term and high density shrimp or fish cultivation.





1.   For the best effects to be achieved, the microbes of Tran-Q should be dominant

in the pond.  .

      Most of the abriginal wild bacteria in the pond will produce a lot of toxic

      substances and malodorous compounds, especially under anaerobic condition.

      The mechanism of Tran-Q is an antagonism and competitive growth mode, the

      microbes of Tran-Q should become dominant to control the system and prevent

      from the production of toxic and malodorous compounds.

2.    Tran-Q is for the environmental control, not for medical cure.

      The main function of Tran-Q is prevention from the prodcution of toxic or

      malodorous substance and the growth of harmful or pathogenic bacteria.

      For a high BOD and serious contamination of toxic substances pond, Tran-Q

    should be applied consistently for 2 to 4 weeks, before the conditions of pond

    will be gradually improved.

3.    Tran-Q should be applied consistently for several times.

      Some of Tran-Q strains are mutants so during propagation the back mutation will occur making them lose their particular function. On the other hand, if the pond water is changed frequently and the microbes of Tran-Q will be lost. Therefore, Tran-Q has to be applied at least once a week to maintain the domination and its high activities.

4.  Tran-Q has to be applied as recommended.

    In the initial stage, Tran-Q has to be applied daily or at least weekly.

    When the domination of Tran-Q microbes is set up, then the dosage can be reduced to half and monthly application.




1.  Increase harvest yield and cultivation density of shrimps or fishes.

2.  Reduce organic water matter, decrease BOD and stabilize dissolved oxygen level.

3.  Reduce ammonia and nitrate levels, making fishes or shrimps get rid of stress and

   decrease their mortalities.

4.      Upgrade the qualities of fishes or shrimps and increase profits.

5.  Keep the balance of ecosystem of pond and maintain pond water in good quality

    and stable conditions.

6.  Improve the enironment of pond bottom, malemy it suitable for fishes or shrimps

    to inhabit.

7.  Inhibit the contamination and propagation of harmful or pathogenic bacteria, which reduces infection and mortality of shrimps or fishes.

8.  Promote the growth of shrimps and fishes, improve feed conversion.

9.  Reduce the volume of waste slurry and save the cost of pond cleaning.

10. Prevent from deterioration of pond and increase the productivity.





1.    In the initial stage, 2~3 ppm(1000KL administrated with 2~3 Kg of Tran-Q) dose is recommended, then once a week or 2 weeks with 1 ~ 1.5 ppm.

2.    For a virgin pond, 2 ppm dose is recommended to stabilize water quality and

      maintain the domination of benign microorganisms.

3.    For a used pond, except for treatment with lime, Tran-Q should be applied to

      improve the condition of pond and increase harvest yield.

4.    Feed compounded with 1.0Kg/Ton of Tran-Q will enhance the efficacy.

5.    After application of Tran-Q for 3~4 weeks, the offensive smell of fish caused by

      geosmin can be reduced obviously.

6.    Since it is not a chemical treatment, the efficacy can not be achieved immediately.

    However, after the Tran-Q is applied consistently for 2 to 3 weeks , satisfactory

    results will be assured.

7.    Even if the conditions of pond become worse, after applicaton of Tran-Q for 1~2

      weeks, the improvement of the condition will surely achieve.

8.    Afternoon is the better time for application, after which the aerobic treatment

      should be enforced to supply more oxygen.

9.    The dosage can be increased or decreased 1 ppm, which depends on th conditions

of the pond.